Thyroid and Breastfeeding

Moms are always worried about their little ones. Could it be that what they ate may be the reason the baby was up all night crying? Could it be the tea they drank that caused the tummy ache? Was it the way they slept on their side that gave gas to the little one? What moms generally tend to forget is their own health.

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Pregnancy Induced Hypothyroidism

The Human body is an intricate complex of systems. Pregnancy makes it even more complicated. So many structural and functional changes are associated with gestation and they have impact on each other. How Pregnancy may induce hypothyroidism is one of the many potential effects of pregnancy.

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Thyroid Deficiency And Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a joyful period, but it can cause an increase in symptoms if you have thyroid problems. For example, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, postpartum thyroiditis which may occur after or during pregnancy.

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