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Get Answers for Your Health is an initiative to help you regain control of your health and identify the root cause of your symptoms.  The human body is a network of various systems.  All systems in the human body are so tightly interwoven that poor health, dysfunction, or irregular performance of one system will affect various other systems. Once the malfunctioning systems are restored to their original health, all other systems having an impact on that malfunctioning system also return to their healthy state.

What happens when your underlying medical condition is wrongly diagnosed, or left undiagnosed? You may end up taking piles of medications to treat the symptoms of the underlying medical condition, but the root cause of all your symptoms remains untreated and you continue to feel lousy.

Do you simply want to keep putting a band aid over your symptoms?  We think it makes more sense to identify why you have your symptoms and allow your body to heal itself.

Dr. Augustine, the founder and CEO, is reputed for his assistance and support to thousands of people all across the United States during his 19 years of practice. When he witnessed the continual frustration of people with chronic health conditions, he decided to offer hope through the creation of The DNA UPrint – a unique system that offers customized health solutions for people who are frustrated, confused, or just plain overwhelmed. 

Dr. Augustine’s new book Living Well After Cancer is a phenomenal work backed by adequate research and experience.  He is also in the process of releasing another book, Living Well In An Electronic World, where you will discover if you’re smart watch, cell phone, tablet, or computer is affecting your health.

Our Vision

The vision behind Get Answers for Your Health is to illuminate, educate and ultimately be an advocate for you. We aim to help people understand their health issues and identify lifestyle culprits that can be making your symptoms worse. 

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