What Can You Eat To Lose Weight In Hypothyroidism?

The tiny, little butterfly shaped gland present at the base of your neck called the “thyroid” is your body’s silent and a very important workhorse. Most of the times it is processing so smoothly and silently that we almost forget that it is there. This gland comes to notice only when it starts malfunctioning or going haywire since it helps the body with the basic functions, like regulation of your metabolism, temperature, heartbeat and much more.

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Low Thyroid and Acne

You may be surprised to hear that acne and thyroid problems are closely connected. How, you may wonder? The thing is, acne happens because of imbalance of hormones.  Thyroid hormone, when disrupted, does not just upset the balance of the metabolic rate and body temperature, but also stress hormones, thyroid hormones, and sex hormones.

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Various Thyroid Treatment Options

Thyroid diseases is becoming more prevalent.  At one point, there were few people suffering from any kind of thyroid disorder.  Now, 27 million Americans have some kind of thyroid disease. What this implies is that more and more people are becoming affected by thyroid disorders every single day.  Most of them are women 35 years and older

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Hypothyroidism & Weight Gain

You may have heard that too little physical activity can make you fat. However, even if you are physically active, but your metabolic activity is impaired, you will gain extra pounds.

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Thyroid and PCOS: The Connection and Differentiation

PCOS and thyroid conditions are linked. Studies show that people who are suffering from PCOS may develop thyroid issues as well. But the thing to understand is that many times women misdiagnose themselves, as the symptoms of both conditions are quite similar. If you, or someone you love, has been going through symptoms that resemble PCOS or thyroid problems, then the very first thing you need to do is see a doctor.

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Thyroid and Low Sex Drive

What Can You Do to Overcome the Problem?

If you have been facing problems with your sex life, then there is a huge possibility that your thyroid gland is not working as it should. Surprised? Worried? Don’t be. Yes you need to be concerned because it could mean that you have either hypo or hyperthyroidism, but this is not something that cannot be dealt with. With an accurate diagnosis, your sex drive can become the same as before.

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Hypothyroidism and Constipation

Some of the heartiest laughs and fodder for jokes are shared at the expense of an awkward and embarrassing subject such as constipation. Fun and games aside, at a certain point, things can take a pretty serious turn when constipation occurs on a regular basis.  People diagnosed with hypothyroidism are at higher risk for developing chronic constipation.

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Your Parathyroid Glands are Telling You Something

Belonging to the endocrine system, the  parathyroid glands are located behind the thyroid gland in our neck. Unlike the thyroid gland, which regulate a majority of the systems in our body, the parathyroid glands control the calcium in our bodies. A normal human endocrine system has 4 parathyroid glands, each the size of a rice grain.

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If You Don’t Have Hypothyroidism or Hyperthyroidism, What Are The Other Possibilities?

Before getting into the disease that you may have or you think you might have, there is a need to understand what the thyroid is, and what are hypo and hyperthyroidism. Only when you know these conditions will you be able to decipher whether or not you are suffering from one thing or another. So here is a little detail about the thyroid gland.

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Co-relation Between Cortisol and Thyroid Hormones

How There is a Co-relation Between Cortisol and Thyroid Hormones

Wait, aren’t thyroid hormones and cortisol supposed to be two separate hormone systems? Isn’t TSH the hormone produced from the thyroid gland and cortisol from adrenal gland? Well yes, that is true, but don’t be surprised when we tell you that the two hormones come not only in contact with each other but have a significant impact on one another.

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