Obesity and Hormones

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Obesity and Hormones

Obesity is becoming a huge problem throughout the world. From young kids, to elderly citizens, many people are afflicted with the condition.  On top of that, it seems to be getting worse.  The problem is that people fail to understand how much of a health hazard it is. If weight problems continue, they can give way to dozens of illnesses including diabetes, heart conditions, stroke, gallstones, high cholesterol, cancers of different types, and gout.

The concern does not end there. Obese people not only lose the quality of their life, they also lose the quantity, meaning lifespan of obese people is shorter as compared to people without obesity. The worst part is that obesity not only causes a medical condition, it also makes treatment extremely difficult. This is why it’s important to take obesity seriously.

But what is obesity? How does it take place? How are hormones involved? And what can you do about it? Here are the answers for you.

Understanding Obesity

A chronic weight gain condition, obesity is when a person acquires too much fat on their body. It is measured through BMI or the body mass index which is based on your weight and your height. The higher your BMI, the more likely you are overweight.  An average BMI lies somewhere between 18.5 to 24.5 for most people. Anything above this is overweight and way above this is considered obese. If your BMI is 30 or above, then you would medically be categorized under obese.

Now, why does obesity take place? What causes it? Studies show that people whose food intake is higher as compared to their movement are likely to become overweight. If these issues of overweight continue, they might turn into obesity. The more calories you consume, the higher y0ur chance of moving into obesity.

There is also research which indicates that people who have obesity in their genes are more than likely to have to deal with the problem. For example, if your father, mother, brother, sister, aunts, unless or grandparents were obese, chances of you turning out the same way are higher. This most certainly does not mean that you are doomed for life. It only emphasizes the point that you should automatically stay on alert and watch what you eat. It is important to know what foods you may be sensitive to that can cause inflammation within your body.  The DNA Uprint does exactly that. Feel free to contact Health Solutions Plus for customized solutions for your health.

Newer studies have shown that quite a few hormonal imbalances in the body can also give way to obesity.  For instance, if your thyroid is not functioning well, you may become obese.

Hormones and Obesity

Hormones play a vital role in whether or not you become obese. The imbalance of hormones like thyroid hormone, sex hormones, insulin, leptin, and growth hormone can all directly impact the way we eat, gain weight and retain it. In simple words, your endocrine system plays a significant part in how your body deals with your weight. Here is how.

Insulin Resistance

Did you know that insulin resistance leads not only to diabetes, but also PCOS? These are the top two reasons why people gain weight gain and the inability to lose weight effectively. Insulin is the hormone that helps in the metabolism of fats and the control of carbohydrates in your body. If insulin is not sufficiently produced , your body has access to too much sugar, which gets stored up in your body and give way to an increase in fat.

Growth Hormone

This is another hormone that is seen to be in very low quantity among people who are obese. This hormone is responsible for the development and growth of muscles, tissues, bones and height. If adequate amount is not present, it can lead to abnormal metabolism and hence weight gain.


Leptin, the one hormone that allows your stomach to know when it is full and no more food is needed. What’s more, leptin is also responsible for the storing of body fat. The thing is, leptin is produced by fat cells and even though it can be found in high quantity among obese people, it refuses to work the way it should. This means, feeling of satiety or fullness is not achieved and the person continues to eat more than is needed by the body.

Sex hormones

Sex hormones also play an important role among obese people.  Ever notice how women or men going through puberty or menopause seem to gain weight? This is because during the time of these changes, sex hormones become imbalanced. Therefore, weight can increase. What can be seen from this is the clear sign that if your sex hormones are not getting secreted in the right quantity, chances of becoming obese are high.

Thyroid hormone

Thyroid hormones are believed to be one of the major causes of obesity. The reason is that your thyroid gland controls your metabolic rate. If the hormone is being produced in very low amounts, it means that your body will not be able to digest food like it should and release energy. This not only leads to weight gain, it also makes weight loss next to impossible!

Now that you know hormones could be the reason for obesity issues, what now? Call Health Solutions Plus and let’s see if you would be a candidate for The DNA Uprint, your customized solution to your health.

The second important thing that you should start paying attention to is your lifestyle. Most hormonal imbalances are the result of our unhealthy diet and lack of movement. The healthier you eat and the more you work out, the better you will feel and look.  The DNA Uprint can help identify what foods you may be sensitive to.

Are you or someone you love going through these issues?  If you have hormonal problems, get some help today! They can make a huge difference in the quality of your life.


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