Hormonal Issues that Lead to Hair Loss

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Hormonal Issues that Lead to Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the most heartbreaking thing that men and women of all ages can experience. Good hair is the major reason why many people feel so confident about the way they look. Imagine those lustrous locks swaying from side to side on a beautiful day. Just the thought can put a smile on your face. Hair loss, no matter what the age, is a huge setback for people. You start losing self confidence and it becomes difficult to face going out in public.

If you, or someone you love, is going through this depressive episode, empower yourself with knowledge. Then you will be able to fight the problem. Here are some reasons that lead to hair loss as a result of hormone imbalance.

Excessive Production of Androgen-The Male Hormone

This is what leads to hair loss, not only among men but women as well. Commonly referred to as male pattern baldness, this happens when there is too much androgen hormone in the body. What it does among men is that it gives way to patches of hair disappearing from the head.  For some men, they lose all the hair from the front of the head.

Among women though, the thinning of hair is all over the head. The reason why women develop this condition is that they acquire a hormonal disorder known as PCOS, where the body starts producing large amounts of the male hormone. It not only gives way to excessive hair shedding, but also development of facial hair, adult acne and irregular periods.


For women, the only way to get rid of androgen from the body is by taking care of PCOS. There are medications for it, but it can also be reduced through diet and weight loss. The less weight you have, the more controlled your PCOS. Clean eating and exercising can also help in making sure that your hormonal reflux remains in check.  Evaluating proper adrenal function is key.  The DNA Uprint is a test that you could benefit from.

For men, the condition could be permanent. You will need to see a doctor for it. Of course there are times when taking the right vitamins and diet can save your hair from falling out.

Imbalance of Female Sex Hormones-Progesterone and Estrogen

The female sex hormones, Estrogen and Progesterone, play the vital function of keeping all female functions active. They are produced in a certain amount, and if the quantity becomes either too low or too high, it can result in changes in the body. This is why hair loss can take place. Interestingly enough, even if the hair continues to shed from the head, you could have overproduction of  facial hair.


The good news is this problem is not impossible to deal with. You can keep it under control or in check by getting your hormones checked and asking the doctor what needs to be done. One more thing that you need to do is pay attention to what you eat. Foods that are hormonally treated are ones that give rise to female hormonal imbalance. So make sure that that the meat, fruits and vegetables you eat are organic and whole products. Check out the Food DNA Uprint.

Over or Under Active Thyroid Gland

Whether the thyroid gland is over active or underactive, these things can both give rise to the shedding of excessive hair. What happens is that the low or high levels of the thyroid hormone can disrupt the balance inside the body and other than the emerging disease, side effects could be hair loss.


Thyroid issues are pretty common and can  be dealt with when diagnosed accurately. The most common cause of thyroid problems in the United States is Hashimoto’s Thyroid, aka autoimmune thyroid.  They will run some tests and tell you what problems you have.  Diet play an important part in getting better.  Although every person is different in what food they need to avoid.  That is why a Food DNA Uprint is helpful.

Post-Partum Hair Loss

The woe of every mother is not just sleeplessness after the birth of their little angel, but excessive hair loss. Once the baby is out, your body goes back to its original system and this takes time. It also means that all the elevated hormones that were there during  pregnancy  making your hair fuller would now be gone. So the extra hair that you got while the baby was inside will now start to shed.

For many women, excessive hair loss gets to the point where they experience bald patches. But this extra hair loss does reduce with time.


Eat right, keep away from stress, exercise and take your supplements religiously. You don’t really need to see a doctor when postpartum hair loss occurs because they will tell you whatever had been mentioned above. Just make sure you are taking in all the foods that your baby is sucking out of you. Milk, lean meats, fruits, vegetables and fiber filled foods are best for feeding moms. Rest assured, this hair loss will end within a few months.


Many women who are going through menopause experience hair loss as well as weight gain. If you have been observing this change in your body, don’t get too worried. When your body stops the production of the egg and you stop the menstrual cycle, quite a few hormones go through severe changes in their production. This is what leads to weight gain and hair loss.


Other than taking care of your diet, there is not much you can do for hair loss that occurs because of menopause. The doctor may add some supplements to your diet, but there isn’t any medication to help stop the hair from falling out. As mentioned earlier, you may be a candidate for the DNA Uprint.


Stress is become one of the leading causes of hair loss. Have you been experiencing stress or depression lately? If yes, then this may be the reason for your hair loss. Give some thought to how you have been feeling these days. Stress is only going to make things worse.  First, identify your sources of stress.  Then find way to cope and minimize your stress.


If you think the problem is getting out of hand, you can see a psychotherapist. They will show you some stress management tricks which will allow you to control how you feel and get rid of the stress for good.

Again, nutritious food and exercising regularly helps by keeping your body and hair in good condition. Take some good supplements specifically designed for hair and you will see the difference. If you need help, please feel free to contact our office 716-773-4707.

Most cases of hair loss are temporary. You can get them in control when you know the cause behind your hair loss. So get yourself checked and start taking precautionary measures today.


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