Diabetes and Your Sex Drive

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Diabetes and Your Sex Drive

If you already have diabetes, then you will not be surprised to see that it has a connection with how you feel towards sex. If you have recently acquired it, or someone you know has developed the condition, you may want to read up on everything about diabetes and the symptoms it can give rise to. Before getting into the details, let’s first be clear that as long as diabetes is managed effectively,  most people can lead a very normal life.

If diabetes is left untreated, it can become fatal!  This is the reason why you need to stay informed and take it seriously. Here is all the information you need about why you are unable to perform optimally in bed or why your partner seems like they have lost their libido.

Diabetes and Sex

The thing is, once you have diabetes, it isn’t only your eating habits that will change. From your mood to your mental health, self-esteem to sex drive, everything will take a toll. Both men and women can notice that their libido is affected by diabetes.

If your sex life suffers, you are likely to become more depressed, stressed and frustrated, especially if you had a thriving libido beforehand. Some of the reasons why libido can decrease with diabetes includes:

  • Lack of energy which also causes fatigue
  • Medication side effects
  • Depression
  • Diabetes gives way to hormonal changes which reduces sexual appeal
  • Anxiety of the disease results in stress, which leads to low sex drive and difficult relationships

One more reason that sex drive is lowered during diabetes is diabetic neuropathy. It is a type of nerve damage that can lead to pain, numbness, or lack of sensations in the genital areas. This sometimes results in erectile dysfunction. This is also the number one cause of painful sex, lack of feelings in the sex organs, and no orgasm.

These are only general problems associated with sex and diabetes. There are many other separate symptoms for men and women alike.

Sexual Issues among Women

Women who suffer from type II diabetes mostly complain of experiencing vaginal dryness.  The cause for dryness can be reduction in blood flow to the genital area or some kind of hormonal imbalance. What’s more, women suffering from diabetes are also more liable to vaginal inflammation and infections which can also make sex difficult. Urinary tract infections are also common.

There can also be nerve damage in the bladder that gives way to incontinence and having sex can become embarrassing. This is why it is essential to communicate with your partner, whatever is going on from you. Whether it is some physical issue or a mental block, like not being able to have orgasm, the more you communicate, the more likely you will be able to perform in bed.

Sexual Issues among Men

Men who have diabetes experience issues like erectile dysfunction. This can happen because of problems with vascular structures, nerve damage, or damage to the muscles. In most cases among men, diabetes is diagnosed when they seek help for their erectile dysfunction. Studies show that half of the men who have diabetes will go through erectile dysfunction at some point or another. There are certain medications that can change the testosterone levels which also leads to erectile dysfunction. Some other reason that ED occur during diabetes are:

  • Lack of exercise
  • Obesity
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Low self esteem
  • High blood pressure

Some men have retrograde ejaculation with type II diabetes. It is a condition where the semen gets ejected in the bladder instead of out of the penis like it should. This happens when the internal sphincter muscles are malfunctioning. These muscles go haywire due to high amounts of glucose in the blood.

There are a few men who go through decreased libido when the levels of testosterone are too low and also experience premature or delayed ejaculation due to diabetes. This means that they start going through depression and low self-esteem. There is a major need to men to discuss their issues with their partners so as to make it clear what is happening.   Not letting your partner know is only going to result in deteriorating relationships.

Treating Low Sex Drive among Diabetics

Just because you have diabetes most certainly does not mean that it is the end of your normal life and libido. With the right medication and lifestyle changes you can have an active and healthy sex life without suffering from any kind of embarrassment, depression, or low self-esteem.

The very first thing you need to do is get in touch with your doctor. They will first make diagnosis, if you have not been diagnosed with diabetes.   Once you start treatment, you will notice a visible change in your mood as well as your physical health. So long as your diabetes, cholesterol, and blood pressure is in control, there is no reason why you cannot lead a completely healthy life, including having a healthy sexual relationship.

Your doctor will probably recommend some lifestyle changes and dietary changes in order to make sure that your blood sugar levels remains manageable. If you are overweight, ridding of the pounds will also make a visible difference in the way you feel.  Exercise and diet can help you to lose weight.  Contact Health Solutions Plus, 716-773-4707, if you want a customized health solution for you! In fact, you may be a candidate for The DNA Uprint.

Erectile dysfunction and incontinence can often be treated with medication and you can get over the feelings of low self-esteem once you are able to perform normally. If you are going through depressive episode or are unable to get over your worthlessness, then seeking a mental health professional will work wonders for you. There are also support groups that help people in getting over their diabetic condition and lead a normal sex life.

Just know that diabetes is a condition, it is not your life. With the right lifestyle changes and positive thinking, you can easily lead a life that is full of health and happiness.


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