Truth About the Role of Water in Preventing Cancer


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Truth About the Role of Water in Preventing Cancer

Water is “the source” of life and without it, you’re pretty much a goner. Did you know that 60% of the human body comprises of water and all the major functions are carried out with its aid? Therefore the concept that water give life is literally true.

A human can survive without food for some time, but without water, life simply cannot continue. Does water help in getting rid of diseases? Yes, quite a few. What about cancer?

Many researchers believe that if high amounts of water are consumed, it could lead to cancer prevention. You will have to ignore the factor that are hereditary though. There have been quite a few studies which depict that water may play some role in preventing cancer but as of yet, there is no concrete evidence whether it can genuinely prevent cancer from happening at all. Does this mean all hope is lost? Not at all. There are some considerations that can be adopted.

Hydration for Health

It would be wrong to say that drinking large amounts of water does not rid your body of disease, be it flu or cancer. As mentioned above, there have been quite a few researches that do link water with cancer prevention but absolute evidence was not obtained. These mixed reviews show that there may be some truth to the matter or may not. What it basically comes down to is this, water is beneficial for help so long as you are drinking the right one.

Now what is right water and wrong water? Studies show that well water may increase the risk of bladder cancer. This is red alert for you. It is also believed that tap water is no different. This simply emphasizes the fact that you need to be careful about your water intake.

It is best to get the water filtered and then used instead of drinking directly from the tap or the well. Research also shows that bottled water is the same, so even if you opt for a bottle, make sure you filter it at home before consuming it.

One more thing. There have been studies, though not very conclusive ones that state fluoride may be giving rise to cancer. Again nothing has been proved thus far and US Public Health Service considers fluoridated water safe for consumption. If you feel that it can be dangerous for you and your family, then you can opt for water that is free from fluoride.

Alkaline Water for Cancer Treatment

There has been news going around that alkaline water is great to treat cancer. Even though there have been some studies on this, there is as of yet no conclusive evidence that alkaline water makes any difference.

The theory stems from the ideology that when the body is more alkaline cancer cells cannot prosper. Yes this is true, but the thing is, if the pH value of a human body is highly alkaline no cell, be it cancer or healthy, will be able to stay alive.

Here is what you need to understand. Your body is a perfect machine created by nature. It works on principles that it has been manufactured on. This means that the normal body pH is slightly more alkaline than acidic, 7.4 to be exact. Hence, if you try to make it any more alkaline, excessive quantity will be flushed out of the body through urination or feces. This means that if you drink large amounts of alkaline water, you will only end up with a high level of alkaline in your urine, not in your body, because the body is designed to flush out everything that is extra. Therefore, no matter how hard you may try, it is next to impossible to make your body more alkaline and kill off those cancer causing cells.

Many believe that cancer cells themselves are acidic. This is not true. The fats surrounding the cancer cell are acidic, but cancer cell themselves are neither acidic nor alkaline. Hence alkaline water may not pose any harm to your body, but generally it is doing no good either. Drinking normal water will keep you just as hydrated and refreshed as alkaline water.  We always suggest reverse osmosis.

Tea and Cancer

The debate whether tea or coffee can reduce the chances of cancer are still ongoing. There have been evidence that tea may actually help prevent cancer cells from forming. This is because black tea is made up of ingredients that have antioxidant properties. The polyphenols in the tea are said to inhibit tumor cells. This test was performed on animals in labs and confirmed that continued use of pure black tea, and not the readymade version available in the market, may actually help in making sure the person does not develop any cancer cells.

Green tea also contain enzymes that activate detoxification and reduce the possibility of tumor production. The free radicals which are the cause of cancers are also reduced with continued use of different kinds of teas.

The researched evidence is still less and more studies need to be conducted in order to completely confirm whether tea does actually work in preventing cancer or not. The connection of tea here is that it too is brewed in water and can be an excellent way to increase hydration. So with tea you in at preventing cancer in two ways, through hydration and through intake of the polyphenols in the tea.


Now, does water help with cancer treatment and prevention or not? More likely it does not. But water does help in keeping you hydrated which in turn reduces chances of other diseases, bacterial infections, and health issues. Even if water does not do much for cancer, it will ensure that no cancer causing agent has too much effect on your system. Therefore, make sure you  drink 10-12 glasses of clean, filtered water each day.  A good rule of thumb is consume half your body weight in ounces.

Adding lemon water, green tea and black tea is also beneficial for health and a good source of water intake too. So make them a daily part of your life. If you feel that sipping water in itself is difficult for you, infuse it with some fresh fruits and veggies to make them taste good and also give your body a detoxifying effect. Also increase your intake of black tea and green teas by replacing them with  your coffee, as the benefits of their usage are high.

Stay away from water that is obtained from dubious sources because the metals present in it could lead to cancer causing agents. Consume water that is filtered and purified.


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