Thyroid and Low Sex Drive

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Thyroid and Low Sex Drive

What Can You Do to Overcome the Problem?

If you have been facing problems with your sex life, then there is a huge possibility that your thyroid gland is not working as it should. Surprised? Worried? Don’t be. Yes you need to be concerned because it could mean that you have either hypo or hyperthyroidism, but this is not something that cannot be dealt with. With an accurate diagnosis, your sex drive can become the same as before. Here is all you should know about thyroid and how it can affect your sex life.

Thyroid Issues and Sexual Drive

One of the common side effects of hypothyroidism is a low libido, or lack of interest in sex. This could range in severity and could either turn into erectile dysfunction, difficulty in getting an orgasm or a change in how you feel about sex in general. Yes, it is common, but it cannot be called normal.

Studies show that the reason for a lowered libido is the imbalance of hormones in your body. When you destroy thyroid issues, it means that you have an autoimmune disorder which is causing not only a fluctuation in your hormones but also different types of inflammations. This results in fatigue, stress, and a loss of appeal in sex. This is known as Hashimoto’s thyroid or autoimmune thyroid.

Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is what 90-97% of women acquire when they are diagnosed with hypothyroidism. This is an autoimmune disease that causes inflammation in the body.  As a result, cortisol levels  increase in the body in order to reduce the inflammation. With the increase in cortisol, progesterone levels go down and this lowers the libido.

What you need to understand is that the body is going through all these processes in order to make sure that Hashimoto’s disorder can be controlled.

In simple words, by lowering your sex drive, the body is trying to keep you safe. This is essentially for your own benefit. This is the reason why you need to treat the cause, and not the side effect. If your thyroid gland starts functioning normally, your sex drive will automatically start kicking in again.

Does this mean you can do nothing about a low sex drive? No, there are quite a few things you can do in order to reverse the problem and have your sex life the way you wanted. Before going into how you can resolve the issue, here are things to make certain that it is your thyroid that is causing your lack of sex drive.

Signs and Symptoms of Thyroid Issues

These are some of the most obvious signs and symptoms of thyroid problems.

  • Weight gain
  • Mood swings
  • Goiter or swelling of the neck region
  • Enlarged thyroid gland
  • Fatigue
  • Muscular pain
  • Dry or cracked skin
  • Excessive hair loss
  • Feeling of coldness, clammy hands and feet
  • Dullness of the mind
  • Constipation

If you have more than a few of these symptoms and you haven’t already been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, then you need to see a doctor immediately. Only they can tell accurately whether or not you are suffering from a thyroid condition and if it is the cause of your low sexual drive.

The doctor will do a physical exam as well as prescribe a TSH test to see if your thyroid hormone is elevated or the production is too little.  Remember, by keeping your thyroid hormone level in check, you will be able to revive your sex life.

How to Keep Hypothyroidism at Bay

Other than medications that your doctor may provide, there are some more things you can do in order to make sure that your thyroid hormone levels remain in the range that your body reacts well to. Be sure to discuss the issue with your doctor first if you plan to start any other medication or even multivitamins.

Some of the things you can opt for include:

  • Using iodine and tyrosine supplements to keep your hormone levels regulated.
  • Make Iodine, Vitamin B and D, Zinc, Iron and Selenium a part of your diet. This can either be through supplements or the food you intake.
  • Your adrenal glands are just as important is the thyroid gland. So you need to ensure the fact that adrenal gland is functioning well. In order to make sure that your cortisol levels are good, you need to stay away from stressful situations. Therapy, yoga, and exercise can help quite a bit
  • Getting a good night’s sleep makes all the difference the world. Be sure to sleep for 7-9 hours every night. Go to bed at the same time every night.
  • Keep your digestive system and gut healthy.
  • Other than your thyroid hormones, get your sex hormones checked as well. These are the hormones particularly responsible for your sex life. If they are being under or over produced it could lead to many complications.
  • If your sex life is still not up to par, you may need some sex hormone supplements like testosterone supplements or estrogen/progesterone supplements. They aid in increasing libido.
  • Losing weight goes a long way in bringing about a lot of positive changes in your body. This includes keeping your hormones in order. If you are obese or overweight, chances of medical conditions increase. So work to shed the extra pounds through diet and exercise.
  • Exercise helps release endorphins in the body. It also helps in keeping you fit and healthy. Exercise daily for at least 30 minutes. You will see that things will take a turn for the positive with your sex life.
  • Many times the stress of not being able to perform in your bedroom destroy the little bit of libido you may have. Relax and opt for therapy. Psychological pressure to do good only makes things worse. Talk to your partner and spice things up in the bedroom.

Do not forget, stress or depression are only going to make matters worse. Talk to your doctor and start some treatment. Within a short period of time,  you will be able to see an improvement in your overall health as well as your sex drive.




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