Fatty Liver Disease and Obesity

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Fatty Liver Disease and Obesity

Obesity is believed to be the epidemic of the 21st century. More and more people are falling into this condition and there seems to be no way out. Stats show that around 300,000 deaths occur each year in the US due to obesity. These deaths don’t take place because people are morbidly overweight, but also because obesity leads to many other diseases like heart issues, diabetes, insulin resistance, high blood pressure, colon cancer, gout, sleep apnea and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

Obesity is defined as having excessive fat in the body, which is above 30 BMI. BMI or body mass index is how weight is measured. Anyone who lies between the ranges of 18-24% is within normal weight ranges. If you are over this, you will be considered either overweight or obese. Studies show that obesity has become the number one cause for most of the diseases that take place these days. Fatty liver disease being one of them.

So what is nonalcoholic fatty liver disease? What causes it? What are the symptoms and treatment? And how is obesity related to it? Here is all the information you need to learn more.

Fatty Liver Disease

Just like obesity is one of the most common medical conditions that people are going through, fatty liver disease has also become common among first world countries. It is a disease where fat deposits get accumulated in the liver and cause a variety of symptoms. The umbrella term is further divided into two types, alcoholic liver disease and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

Alcoholic liver disease is one that is acquired because of excessive consumption of alcohol. It leads to the scarring of tissues in the liver and could further turn into cirrhosis if not diagnosed in time. The condition can be treated with certain lifestyle changes, cessation of alcohol use, and some medicines.

Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease on the other hand occurs because of high fat content in the liver that takes place either because of diabetes, obesity or some hormonal imbalance. This condition is pretty common and afflicts about 30% of the people who have liver diseases. Believed to be the most widely spread liver condition, NAFLD can be reversed if detected in time. But it is essential that the condition be managed properly because it can cause liver cirrhosis and eventually give way to failure. In simple words, it can become fatal if it is not addressed.

Some common signs and symptoms of fatty liver include:

  • Red palms
  • Enlarged breasts in men
  • Yellowing skin and eyes
  • Abdominal swelling and pain
  • Enlarged spleen
  • Enlarged liver

If you have any of the above mentioned symptoms you need to get in touch with your doctor.  They will usually recommend lifestyle and dietary changes to the patient. If you need help to identify which foods may not be good for you, consider calling Health Solutions Plus, 716-773-4707, to inquire about The DNA Uprint.

Obesity Leads to Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Studies make it clear that people who are obese are more at risk of developing NAFLD than others. It isn’t only the high fat content that increases this risk, but rather all the other things that obesity cause like insulin resistance, high blood sugar,and  increased levels of triglycerides. All of the problems mentioned also give way to the development of high fat content in the liver causing NAFLD.

Research also shows that when obesity runs in the family, that too can increase the chances of a person developing fatty liver disease, as well as alcohol dependence. People who have obesity in their genes, even if they themselves are not obese, are more likely to develop liver conditions.

What is worse though is that obesity does not just cause the disease, but quickly makes it progress to further stages of scarring. Studies depict that 3% to 12% of US adults develop inflammation and breakdown of the cells. This means that cirrhosis and even liver cancer can become inevitable. This is why it’s essential to get nonalcoholic fatty liver disease diagnosed and managed immediately, particularly if you also suffer from obesity.  Here is what can be done.

Treatment Options

Experts believe that there has to be a lifestyle change that is permanent in order to make sure that NAFLD does not progress and is maintained. The reason why so many people are developing liver cancer and cirrhosis is that they keep fluctuating between a healthy life and an unhealthy lifestyle.

There is a need to ensure that food intake is mostly nutritious. If there is too much consumption of processed, treated and packaged food items, the possibility of getting rid of NAFLD is next to impossible. Similarly, obesity can only be helped when the patient is willing to stop consuming junk foods and food they are sensitive to. But this is not where the problem ends. Most people who are obese also have sedentary lifestyles. Their lack of movement, combined with unhealthy eating habits, lead to acquisition of fat deposits in the body.

So what can be done?

The very first thing you need to do is get yourself diagnosed.  Your medical health practitioner may also suggest that you meet with a nutritionist, as they will be able to give a meal plan that would help you lose weight in a healthy manner.

Keep in mind that losing weight in a way that makes you weak or reduces the effectiveness of your immune system is only further going to make things complicated.  Give Health Solutions Plus a call, 716-773-4707, and we can customize a health solution plan for you.

In simple words, you need to lose the fats in a way that keeps your energy levels up. Stop consuming carbs and simple sugars. All processed food also needs to be drastically reduced. Giving up alcohol will also influence your body positively both for your obesity concerns and NAFLD issues.

One more thing you will be asked to do is start an exercise routine. Make sure you work out 4-5 days a week  for 40 minutes each day. This will drop the pounds faster than when you make dietary changes only. Within no time you will feel different. In just 6 months of your changed lifestyle, you will see that your health is improving. If you have also been diagnosed with diabetes, high cholesterol or high blood pressure, these symptoms usually will improve as well.



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