Does Portion Control Matter for Weight Loss ?

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Does Portion Control Matter for Weight Loss ?

When it comes to portion control, there are different weight management theories. The concept of portion control revolves around counting calories in one portion of the meal and controlling calories in all meals for effective weight management.

  1. According to one of the weight management theories, portion-controlling technique can be used to eat the foods you like along with losing your desired weight. For instance, a person on 1200-calorie diet can eat 2 burgers of 600 calories each in 24 hour window or eat 6 meals of 200 calories each.
  2. Another pattern suggests dividing the portions in one meal. In this weight management system, the concept is to eat small portion of the food you like and fill the stomach with low-calorie foods. For instance, a person can eat a quarter burger and half a plate of green salad.
  3. One pattern suggests distributing the foods according to the calories and nutritional value. This pattern provides slow results, but it is the most effective among all weight management patterns. It is because the consumer following this pattern obtains healthy nutrition along with controlling calories.

Portion control is apparently the easiest method to lose weight, but it is the most difficult one once you start practicing it. For a majority of portion-controllers, the first few days are easy until their body starts resisting the deprivation of its favorite foods.

For instance, you have consumed white sugar as a source of instant energy and your body has adapted to this pattern. Now that you stop consuming white sugar or refined foods to reduce weight, your body will obtain its energy from stored sugars and fats. As breaking down stored sugars is difficult for the body than breaking down the white sugar consumed regularly, it will resist the change.  This is one mechanism, and there are hundreds of food mechanisms going on in our bodies.

Therefore, sticking to your portion controlled routine is difficult, which leaves many beginners with questions, such as “how important is portion control?”

How Does Portion Control Help You?

One of the most important benefits that all portion-controllers report is that it reduces time and money spent.  When you eat raw carrots and fruits with a glass of milk, you not only save time to cook, food but you also save money. Also, it helps save the money spent on binge eating. It improves your overall health and makes you more active and energetic.

Portion controlled diet stabilizes the blood sugar levels in the body and keeps your hormones balanced. When your body adapts to the portion-controlled diet pattern, your digestion improves and your body stops craving for certain foods, such as refined sugar.

Above all, a portion-controlled diet helps control weight. The result of this diet pattern depends on its combination with your physical activity and exercise. For instance, a person burns 50 extra calories while standing. Therefore, teachers burn more calories than people working on computers. Similarly, if you consume 1800 calories a day and burn 2200 calories, your chances of losing weight are high. However, to burn 2200 calories, you need to incorporate a healthy exercise routine.

The Most Important Consideration

Not all portion controlled diets are effective to lose weight. Each body has unique chemistry, and if one portion-controlled diet works for someone else, it is not necessary that the diet will work for you. This usually occurs when your body has an underlying medical condition. Therefore, before starting a specific diet plan, make sure to consult your medical doctor for a thorough checkup.

To explain it, here is an example. Magnesium deficiency could lead to decreased Vitamin D retention in the bones, which leads to calcium loss. According to the research, high calcium encourages the loss of adipose tissue, the tissue that stores fat in our body. This simply means that low calcium encourages the increment of adipose tissue or fat storage in the body, which causes weight gain. Now, if you have gained weight due to calcium deficiency, but you start a portion-controlled diet based on low calcium and low magnesium pattern, you may never lose weight.

Weight gain is also directly linked with various other symptoms, such as pain in knees, low libido, recurring headaches, etc. Many symptoms relate to an underlying medical condition, which is another reason to get tested before starting your weight loss regime.

Tips to Start Your Portion-Controlled Weight Management Pattern

  1. It is better to cook your meals for the entire day in the morning and store them in the boxes. If you cook fresh food for all meals, you may ending up cooking extra and eating unwanted calories.
  2. Use smaller dishes to eat food. You can also purchase portion-control dishes with small sections for proteins, vegetables, etc.
  3. Plan your meals at least one day prior. It will help you eat stress-freely and avoid binge eating.
  4. Add more vegetables and munch fruits and nuts for snacks.
  5. Drink 2 glasses of water at least 30 minutes before the meal. It will help you feel fuller and stick to your diet routine. Do not drink it with your meal as it interferes with the acid production in your body.
  6. When eating out, plan your meal healthily.
  7. Do not eat anything at least four hours before bedtime.
  8. Make sure to confirm your portion-controlled meal plan from the nutritionist or medical doctor. It is necessary that you do not deprive yourself of any necessary nutrient.
  9. Involve a friend or a family member in your weight management regime. It will help you stay motivated. You can also challenge the partner to reach a goal in a month or so.
  10. Do not weight every week. Wait for a month at least to see the results.

Controlling your portions will not only help you bring your body back to its healthy shape, but it will also make you look fresher and energetic. Controlling your portions can help achieve long-term results. Prepare your diet pattern in three steps.

  1. Loading: Eat the foods you like in moderation i.e. by controlling the calories.
  2. Strict diet: Follow the portion control routine without any cheat day.
  3. Follow up or Maintenance

Stay focused and motivated. Do not give yourself an excuse to eat the foods you like. You will be surprised with the health benefits that come with weight management. Also, get yourself tested before and after weight loss journey to make sure that you don’t only lose weight but also become fit after weight loss regime.   Another helpful thing for most people is get evaluated via the DNA UPrint to discover which foods you may be sensitive to and what foods your body functions on the best.  Call 716-773-4707 to find out what the DNA Uprint reveals about you.


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