Can Thyroid Hormone Deficiency Affect Your Mental Health?

Many people are suffering from thyroid disorders around the world. An average of 13 million Americans is the estimated amount, and most of the cases involve hypothyroidism. It is common in women especially between the ages of 40-60. Thyroid deficiency is associated with emotional and cognitive disturbances. Thyroid gland releases the hormones which modulate and change the basal metabolic rate.

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Thyroid Health and Gluten

Thyroid Health – Gluten Can be a Real Problem…. Discover Why

Our body is exceptionally complex. It’s really a miracle that every system is so beautifully organized. The intricate connection between various systems in our body marks the interdependence of these systems. Let’s find out the entangled relationship between gluten and thyroid.

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4 Best Foods to Eat When You Have Hypothyroidism

Underactive thyroid does not affect your health only. It also affects your personal, social, and professional life. Keeping up with the pace of life with recurring migraines and constipation, increasing weight, poor metabolism, hormonal imbalances, and other symptoms of hypothyroidism could leave you exhausted, and worse, isolated.

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