All About Thyroiditis and It’s Management

Diseases related to the thyroid gland are very common. Most of them are not life-threatening but if left untreated for too long, they can become fatal. Thyroiditis is one such disease of the thyroid gland. The term is generally used to refer to the inflammation of the whole thyroid gland.

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Is Iodine Really That Crucial For Thyroid Regulation?

Can we survive without food? Absolutely not! However, food is worthless unless thyroid hormones metabolize it and save the day.  A little bit of food can give us enormous energy, all thanks to thyroid hormones.  Tyrosine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3) are the most important hormones.

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Hypothyroidism Can Cause Enlargement Of The Thyroid

Every organ in our body is of paramount importance and vital for the sustenance of life. Efficient working, even of the  thyroid, an organ as little as a size of pea, is so crucial that it can be a matter of life and death in extreme cases.

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The Link Between Pesticides And Thyroid Gland

Pesticides are a concern not only for farmers working in the field spraying them on crops, they are also an alarm for the general population consuming these crops.

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How is Adrenal Fatigue Harmful to Your Thyroid?

On occasion, life has a way of bringing about struggles. At every step, we face new challenges and potential disappointments. We encounter many different problems and stress ourselves physically, emotionally and spiritually. But life goes on.

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Your Child May Have Hypothyroidism

Nothing can match the worry of parents for their children. Indeed, it is very disturbing to see a distressed mother holding her sick baby in her hands. To escape such situation we have to be extra cautious about thyroid hormones.

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Effects Of Thyroidism On The Heart

The heart is one of the vital organs necessary for survival. If the heart stops working, life stops too. The thyroid, another organ located at the base of neck, influences the heart to a great extent.

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Pregnancy Induced Hypothyroidism

The Human body is an intricate complex of systems. Pregnancy makes it even more complicated. So many structural and functional changes are associated with gestation and they have impact on each other. How Pregnancy may induce hypothyroidism is one of the many potential effects of pregnancy.

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Thyroid Hormones & The Heart

You may be wondering what is the association of the thyroid gland with heart function. But first, let’s talk about the basics of the thyroid gland?

The thyroid gland is a small-sized gland found in the neck. It is a butterfly-shaped gland which regulates the energy levels and metabolism rate. Thyroid gland dysfunction can result in altered heart rhythms.

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Thyroid Deficiency And Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a joyful period, but it can cause an increase in symptoms if you have thyroid problems. For example, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, postpartum thyroiditis which may occur after or during pregnancy.

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