Colon Cancer


“How To Prevent Colon Cancer”

Colon cancer is the third most common cancer in the United States. It is a fact that with advancements in medicine, new and efficient treatment methods are now available.  Despite efficacious interventions, cancer is the leading cause of death if it progresses to the last stage.

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What Causes Fatigue In Colon Cancer?

Fatigue is a feeling of weakness and constantly lacking energy. Tiredness should not be confused with fatigue, which is a normal sensation after doing a hectic workout. Unlike fatigue, tiredness is resolved taking a nap or having a good night sleep.

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Are Polyps In The Intestine Different From Colon Cancer?

Are you worried about having polyps in your intestine? Or is this word is a new term for you? Polyps are outgrowths in the inside of your intestine. They can develop into cancer, but polyps and cancerous tumors are two different, although interrelated problems.

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Constipation And Colon Cancer; What’s The Connection?

A lot of people worry when they have difficulty passing stool. If the word constipation has come to your mine, you need to know more about constipation (that will, in fact, relieve your stress). Constipation is often wrongly perceived and there are more facts to know about it.

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Is Colon Cancer Passed On In Families?

It is indeed a beautiful feeling to hold your newborn in your hands and decide whether he resembles more his father or mother or another family member. Have you wondered what causes the nose of your little one to be the exact copy of his grandfather?

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Can Colon Cancer Come Back?

Cancer is a deadly disease. But if you have successfully fought it, you are a considered a survivor. With the good news of the termination of cancer treatment, there can lie some bad news as well.

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What Are The Early Signs Of Colon Cancer?

Your body is very complex – how your body normally functions and how it’s  organized is very important. Out of the trillions of complex functions executed by the body, one is survival through communication.

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Can You Survive Colon Cancer?

The incidence of colon cancer has been on the rise for the last few decades. The good news is because of the advancement in technology, screening of cancer and better treatment regimens, the mortality rate has considerably decreased.

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